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An unprecedented survey designed to portrait a whole generation
A unique survey aiming at drawing the portrait of a generation.

the Portrait

Even if you haven't answered the survey, you may consult answers to every single question.
respondents in Palestine
Compared to your life, you feel like your children's future is going to be?
59 %
Generally better
26 %
Generally worse
15 %
respondents in Palestine

the Arab world

The survey ask the same question to all the participating countries. Thanks to the map, you can compare the answers from each country.
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Do you feel more part of
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Your country
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The Arab world
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The world

the Observatory

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The online media “Wesh Derna” is launched in Algeria

Ever since we launched Generation What ? Arabic, we have been glad to rely on the support of our media partner in Algeria, “Wesh Derna”. Time has now come to tell you more about this great adventure.

Wesh Derna is an online platform created by Riadh Touat, a young Algerian pharmacist passionate about photography and videos. He wanted to tell the story of his country’s youth, leaving aside all the images conveyed about them, usually negative and with which they couldn’t identif…

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Is the Arab youth optimistic or pessimistic?

How do young Arabs see their future and that of their country? This is one of the most awaited indicators from Generation What?, which offers the Arab youth to draw the portrait of their generation (see the results in real time on the website The survey now counts 4,500 respondents and is starting to reveal strong indicators. Once again, we can only speak here of “trends” rather than “results” at this stage of our project.

Would you say you are optim…

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